New ISIS Attack on Egyptian Copts Mirrors Previous Strike

On the same road and with the same style of last year’s attack, members of ISIS killed seven Coptic Christians Nov. 2 on a bus carrying worshippers returning from a visit to St. Samuel the Confessor Monastery in El Minya Governorate.

Caravan Heads to Mexico City; Guadalupe Basilica Opens for Migrants

The caravan of migrants making its way through Mexico has started arriving in Mexico City, where the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the world’s most-visited Marian shrine, has opened its shelter for pilgrims to weary Central American migrants.

Blair’s Ex-Homeless Czar Wants Pope, Vatican to Lead the Fight

Visitors from around the world come to Trafalgar Square to admire famed works of art in the National Gallery, the towering Lord Nelson column, and to get a glimpse of Big Ben at the end of Whitehall. Yet for Dame Louise Casey, who served as Britain’s homelessness czar under Tony Blair, she wants passersby to look past things, and at the people.

Both Pope and Brazil’s Bishops to Be Tested in Bolsonaro Era

As Latin America’s most influential nation appears set to veer in a direction hostile to Pope Francis’ priorities, it’s inevitable that Brazilians, and Latin Americans generally, are going to be looking to the pope to provide both an alternative vision and hope that it’s achievable.

UK Pro-Lifers Fight Move to Impose Abortion on Northern Ireland

In May, the traditionally Catholic country of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to legalize abortion. Now, in the United Kingdom, efforts are underway to make abortion laws more permissive and to force North Ireland – where the practice is highly restricted – to do the same.

Supporters Hail Asia Bibi Acquittal as ‘Great Day’ for Religious Freedom

Observers who’ve watched the dramatic case of Asia Bibi unfold over the past eight years said that despite some immediate backlash, the Pakistani Supreme Court’s decision Wednesday, Oct. 31 to acquit the Catholic mother of five of blasphemy charges marks a major step toward making the country a more modern, tolerant nation.

Women Religious Want To Be ‘Dangerous Memory’ of 2018 Synod

Gushing winds took over the Eternal City this week, accompanying the close of a month-long summit of Catholic bishops on young people. Braving the weather, with habits flapping under heavy gusts, representatives of religious sisters from around the world met Tuesday to discuss the synod’s legacy and challenges.

As Caravan Moves North, Catholics Insist Seeking Asylum Not a Crime

As President Donald Trump prepares to send 5,200 troops to Mexican border to block some 4,000 Central American asylum-seekers, Catholic leaders are urging governments to address the underlying causes of migration while reminding people that seeking asylum is not a crime.

Bones Found at Vatican Property Reopen Questions on 1983 Mysteries

Late Tuesday night, Oct. 30, the Vatican announced that fragments of human bones were found during the recent remodeling of a building attached to the Vatican’s embassy to Italy, though there are still no details about the age of the remains or the person to whom they belonged.

Understanding Why the Synod of Bishops Blinked on ‘Zero Tolerance’

If you’re an American Catholic, or an Australian, Irish, German, Chilean, or from pretty much anyplace else scarred by clerical sexual abuse scandals, news that a global summit of Catholic bishops in 2018 could walk up to the brink of endorsing a “zero tolerance” policy, only to pull back at the last minute, may seem almost incomprehensible.