Venezuela Cardinal Calls Pro-Maduro Violence ‘Immoral’

Cardinal Jorge Urosa, former Archbishop of Caracas, Venezuela, says the local bishops strongly condemn what he called the “immoral” repression perpetrated by the government of Nicolas Maduro, which, according to the United Nations, has seen at least five people killed in the past few days, three of them minors.

Pope Urges Youth to Follow Mother Teresa’s Example

After a brief, whirlwind trip to Skopje, Pope Francis issued a summons to young people and consecrated, telling them to look to Mother Teresa as an example to keep dreaming, and of how big things can come in small packages.

Social Media a Boon to Satanic Groups, Exorcists Say

While much of the secular world reacts with alarm to a new United Nations report warning that up to one million species may be at risk of extinction due to human activity, it’s another kind of global threat that has the organizers of an annual Rome conference especially concerned this year.

Among Three New Books on Papacy, One Stands Out

Each of these three new books on the papacy is informative and interesting. “The Pope: Francis, Benedict, and the Decision That Shook the World” is by the author of the screenplay for a dramatic film with the same title being produced by Netflix. The co-authors of “The Papacy: What the Pope Does and Why It Matters” are a former Baptist who became a Catholic and a literature professor and deacon who spent eight years in a Catholic seminary. Gerard O’Connell, author of “The Election of Pope Francis: An Inside Account of the Conclave that Changed History,” is an associate editor and Vatican correspondent for the Jesuit weekly magazine, America, as well as a reporter on the Vatican for various other English-speaking Catholic news outlets.

With Death Of Jean Vanier, Catholicism Loses A Living Saint

Vanier, who was 90, died from cancer Tuesday morning in a facility in Paris run by the L’Arche community that he founded in 1964. Upon hearing the news, Francis released a brief statement through a spokesman saying he’s “praying for [Vanier] and for the entire L’Arche community.”

Shrinking Swiss Guards Implored By Pope To Embrace Diversity

For at least the past six centuries, there’s always been a spirit of “We Few, We Proud,” about the Swiss Guards, the small but elite military force, with their signature multi-colored uniforms and timeless halberds, responsible for the personal security of the pope.