What Must Be Said

How important is the language used to administer sacraments? Why would a sacrament be invalid just because the minister changed a couple of words in the formula established to administer it? We have a look at the case in this issue of The Tablet with quotes from experts in both fields, but it would be useful to point out two details about the case.

The Lost Summer?

September is almost here. It’s the time when we normally say good-bye to summer — vacations, travel, the beach — and go back to normal life. Kids and young people go back to school. Of course, this year, summer was anything but normal.

‘Why did The Tablet report that story?’

Be an observer of events, not a participant, ask probing questions, and do not allow personal opinions or political allegiances to taint your reporting. 

New Forms of Censorship

“Let’s talk about the weather.”

That phrase used to be a polite way to steer a conversation from any controversial topic. Not anymore. Today, even a conversation about the weather can turn into a political discussion about climate change.

The Target of Choice for Anti-Catholic Bigotry

As Christians, we need to recognize that racism is probably the most absolute negation of Jesus Christ’s message of love within our society. However, the attacks against churches can’t be dismissed as mere random occurrences, as they have been portrayed in the media. Catholics, may wonder what the vandals are trying to tell you when they tear down a statue of St. Junípero or even Jesus Christ.

The Future of Catholic Education

The June 30 Supreme Court decision in Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue is a cause for celebration. It goes against the Blaine Amendment, a failed amendment to the Constitution typical of the anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic bigotry of the 1880s.

From George Floyd to George Washington

It took 23 days for the protests that started after the killing of George Floyd to make their way to the statue of George Washington. What exactly is happening in our country?

The Long and Winding Road to Priesthood

On June 27, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio will ordain four men to the priesthood at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, less than one month after arriving at his 50th anniversary of ordination.