Actress Mulgrew Reflects on Faith In New Book

By Dan Russo DUBUQUE, Iowa (CNS) – Kate Mulgrew discovered she had a talent for performance early in life when she read a poem to her class at Resurrection Elementary School in Dubuque. Her brother Sam, speaking recently at a book signing event at the Julien Hotel in late April in Dubuque, revealed to a […]

Different Approaches Offer Lessons to Youth

By Daniel S. Mulhall Human development is an interesting field of study. Over the last 100 years a variety of social sciences have explored what are developmentally appropriate tasks for each stage of life. A great deal of study has gone into trying to understand the development that takes place during adolescence, the period that […]

Behind Closed Doors book cover

Retired California Bishop Pens His First Book

Bishop Quinn, at age 93, has become a first-time author, telling his life story in what he termed a “fictional memoir,” chronicling the lives of three priests.