‘Faith and Fury’

“Faith and Fury” aptly describes the atmosphere that 19th-century American Catholics must have experienced.

Priest from Williamsburg Gave a Feisty Witness to Priesthood

“The Heroic Priesthood of Father William B. Farrell 1857-1930: Fighting Anti-Catholicism, Government Corruption and Waterfront Gangsters in New York” by Rev. Brian Jordan, O.F.M. Edwin Mellen Press (Lewiston, New York, June 2017) pp. 204.

Father Anselm Mysteries Poised to Thrill US Readers

Even though William Brodrick gave up the monastic life in the Augustinian order, just before priestly ordination, to be a lawyer, another call also had been tugging at him. It was persistent, and it didn’t let go.

Living with Purpose: New Book Details Rockaway Nun’s Life, Devotion to Justice Unto Death

Eileen Markey’s new book, “A Radical Faith: The Assassination of Sister Maura” (New York: Nation Books, 2016, pp. 336), is a beautiful and eye-opening depiction of a Maryknoll Sister from the Brooklyn Diocese who was brutally murdered, assassinated really, in El Salvador on Dec. 2, 1980. There were three other American women horribly killed with her: Ita Ford, also a Maryknoll nun from Brooklyn, Jean Donovan, a laywoman missionary volunteer from Connecticut, and Dorothy Kazel, an Ursuline nun from Cleveland.

With Book on Sex Abuse, Author Aims to Heal

In the 1950s, Norbert Krapf was sexually abused – along with scores of other boys – by a priest of the Diocese of Evansville, Ind., who was loved and respected by the community.

Influence and Interpretations of Vatican II

“The Long Shadow of Vatican II,” a collection of five essays by five different experts, examines the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council and how its shadow still hovers over the Church 50 years later.