Nominated Films Raise Questions of Conscience

Anyone who reads this column regularly knows that I have long been interested in film. When I was in grammar school and high school, I loved all types of movies. When I moved on to college, I became interested in serious films. I also developed a strong interest in foreign films by directors such as Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Eric Rohmer and Robert Bresson.

Marriage: A Relationship For Holiness

Third and final in a series

I AM VERY aware that memory plays tricks on us. Perhaps the tricks increase as we grow older. As I have aged, I have become increasingly aware that my memories may be less than completely accurate. Indeed, sometimes they are totally incorrect. Having admitted that, I am still confident that in my recollection of my six years as a major seminarian, there was little emphasis on the importance of interpersonal relationships in any class or spirituality program. There was almost a negative view of interpersonal relationships, almost a view that they interfered with your relationship with God.

Marriage and Relationships

Second in a series

RE-READING “Beginning Your Marriage” by John I. Thomas and David M. Thomas (ACTA Publications,  1994) has been a fascinating experience for me. Much of what the authors write about the commitment that married people make to each other and to God has set me thinking about the life commitment that every person is called to make. Discussing some of the dimensions involved in a marriage the authors write:

‘Man For All Seasons’ Is First-Rate Theatre

I have had some more thoughts on the drama now playing at the Acorn Theatre in Manhattan. Except for famous soliloquies from Shakespeare’s masterpieces, I cannot think of another play that has more quotable lines than ‘A Man for All Seasons.”

A Special Christian Drama

If you are starving for Christian theatre or if you are at least interested in Christian theatre, rush over to the Acorn Theatre in Manhattan, 410 West 42nd. St., to see one of the great dramas in the last 50 years.

The Mystery of Marriage

The authors’ insights into marriage are both provocative and inspiring. I cannot think of one aspect of married life that this book does not deal with intelligently. What I find especially attractive about the book is that the authors often back up their claims by appeals to experience. I guess I also like the book because the authors’ view of the mystery of love is in some ways similar to how I present the mystery of love in philosophy classes at St. John’s University.

A Marvelous Apostolate

LAST NOVEMBER, the Amityville Dominicans held their annual gala celebration and fundraiser. Ordinarily, I don’t attend galas or large dinner celebrations, but I knew that the decision to attend or not attend this one was a “no brainer.”

The Absurdity of Christmas

THERE ARE SEVERAL reasons why I look forward to Christmas each year. Like many I look forward to the celebration at dinners and parties, the exchange of gifts, the gathering of family and friends, the widespread good cheer that can be easily observed among most people.

Gratitude and the Apostolate

I WAS THINKING about writing a column during this advent season about gratitude when I came upon an essay entitled “Gratitude” by Henry Nouwen that many years ago I had clipped out of a Dec. 4, 1982 issue of Commonweal magazine. Finding the essay after so many years was like receiving a gift.