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Cardinal Dolan Pays a Visit to Cathedral Prep

Cardinal Dolan Visits Cathedral Prep
Father Joseph Fonti introduces Cardinal Timothy Dolan to students from Cathedral Prep and Seminary, Elmhurst.

By Tyler Flannery

The Cathedral Prep community welcomed Cardinal Timothy Dolan into its house on Monday, March 2. Being that his pastoral visit was postponed a few months, it is safe to say that our Cathedral family was excited and honored to welcome such a prestigious member of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Dolan seemed equally honored to visit Cathedral Prep, recalling the many times he has met distinguished graduates of the Prep.

“I love Cathedral Prep’s motto, ‘Men For Greatness,’” he said, reminding us that the first step to becoming great is realizing that you’re not.

In his homily, Cardinal Dolan reminded students of the importance of the Act of Contrition. He stated that we, as Catholics, must recognize that we have sinned, seek forgiveness and ask for the grace of God so that we too can become better and move away from the temptation of sin.

Following Communion, Cardinal Dolan was presented a Student Leadership Council polo shirt, and he then gifted the Cathedral community with a day off from school, as is tradition when a bishop visits.

Cardinal Dolan at Cathedral PrepAfter accepting an invitation to stay for lunch, Cardinal Dolan asked, “What’s on the menu?” He expressed his hope that he would be invited back to Cathedral again.

Following Mass, Cardinal Dolan greeted each student individually, from the seniors to the freshmen. For me, particularly, this was a rather heartwarming gesture. Considering that Father Joseph Fonti, our rector-president, individually greets each of us at the beginning of every school day, having Cardinal Dolan do this made it clear that he truly is a part of the school family.

Cardinal Dolan took a mini tour around the school, and seemed very impressed by the updated technology in Cathedral’s new media center that was donated by the Brooklyn Diocese’s DeSales Media Group.

He appreciated the fact that our students now have the ability to attain any information with the click of a button, and was very happy that Cathedral is providing the best education it can for Catholic gentlemen of today.

Tyler Flannery is a senior at Cathedral Prep and Seminary.