New York Auxiliary Bishop Accused of Sexual Abuse

In the latest allegations of sexual abuse to hit the U.S Catholic Church, Bishop John Jenik, an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of New York, has been accused of sexual abuse and is now under review by the Vatican.

NY Archdiocese Names Judge To Review Abuse Protocols

New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan has named a former federal judge to study archdiocesan policies and procedures with respect to sexual abuse by clergy and recommend enhancements directly to the cardinal.

Cardinal Dolan Says it’s Not About Viganò v. Francis but Right v. Wrong

Recent revelations and accusations related to clerical sexual abuse have been “a disaster, one crisis after another” for the Catholic Church, according to Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, and have  jeopardized its moral authority to speak on other issues such as the sanctity of human life, immigration and the environment.

Cardinal Dolan Evangelizes Culture at Met Gala, One Stereotype At a Time

For the usual red carpet attendees, it was a moment in which they were presented with a lived example of the Church open to the world around it — both via the figure of the cardinal, but also the cooperation of the Vatican in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new exhibition on “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”