Letters to the Editor

Can’t Ignore Pope’s Words

Dear Editor: In politics, labeling people is an easy, if inaccurate, way to try to make one’s point, even if it acts as a hindrance to an effective discussion of issues.

In his Nov. 21 reply to my letter from the Nov. 14 issue, Tom Hackert labels me as a “Democrat Lib” even though my letter makes no mention of the Democratic Party or any Democratic politicians. It does serve as a convenient way for Mr. Hackert to attack virtually every policy of the president (and even, ironically, Paul Ryan, who is, it seems, also too “liberal” for him!), and to profess his own support for one of the many Republican candidates running for president.

There is somebody I do mention prominently in my original letter that tellingly, Mr. Hackert chooses to totally ignore in his reply: that is, Pope Francis. Could it be that the Holy Father’s passionate advocacy in front of Congress for the poorest and neediest in society, for immigrants and for saving our environment does not fit Mr. Hackert’s view of the world, making it easier for him just to ignore the pope’s profound words to our country?


Little Neck

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