Letters to the Editor

Bring Back the Latin Mass

Dear Editor: When the Mass was in Latin I loved it because everyone in our community was there. We were all so close. At attendance were Irish, Italian, Philippine, Polish, Spanish and many more. It was great when we got together to fundraise for the church. I learned so much their traditions, foods and beliefs. We never left Mass without stopping to chat.

Then it was announced the Mass would be in English and everyone came. We were still that close community that participated together. Later it was announced there would be an Italian and Spanish Mass. Slowly our community changed. We did not see each other as much and now each group was doing their own thing. I missed everyone.

I then relocated to a different parish and there was only English. Every Sunday the Mass was full and I felt the closeness. Our lead singer was an Asian parishioner with a beautiful voice and a lector was a Hispanic person who read Scripture with a sweet accent. Then we heard the Masses would change. A Spanish Mass and perhaps a Korean Mass might be added.

Of course our community was broken again. Recently we met our friends at the blessing of animals and everyone was there: Hispanic, Asian, Philippine, everyone. We all greeted each other as if we were never separated. The funniest part is that all of them speak a little English, yet the Church has now separated us. Bring back the Latin Mass and our Community will be together again.

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