Letters to the Editor

Bright Christmas Thanks

Dear Editor: On behalf of the people of St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral parish, I write to express my sincere gratitude for The Tablet’s Bright Christmas donation. I know your gift made a real difference in the lives of 20 different families.

Many of our families barely have enough money to pay the rent and buy food. Christmas puts an added strain on households already stretched very thin.

I know of one mother who was collecting cans in order to make ends meet. In another case, the father was detained at the border and returned to his home country, leaving his family separated for the last four years.

Your gift made a real difference in the lives of their families and many others like them.


Prospect Heights


Dear Editor: We are very grateful to you for your generous donation from the Bright Christmas Fund. We are dedicated to forming our students and teaching them about the greatest gift God has given us, his only Son.

Thank you for making it possible for us to brighten Christmas for the young people in our ministry. May God grant many blessings to you and to all who helped brighten Christmas for these young people.

We will remember you and all who made it possible in our prayers.


Director of Religious Education

St. Michael and St. Malachy


Dear Editor: I am always amazed at the work DeSales Media does, most especially The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign. Because of the Campaign, we were able to have a huge party for your youth ministry and faith formation kids.

Excess monies will help fund other items such as T-shirts and electronic devices which will help both ministries.

On behalf of our pastor, parish staff, faith formation director, Lorena De Filippis, our parents and our youth, thank you, a special thank you to the donors for making our Christmas at St. Clare much brighter.


Youth Minister