Letters to the Editor

Bright Christmas Donors

Dear Editor:  Enclosed please find a donation of $150 from my sixth, seventh, and eighth graders and me at Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy in Brooklyn. They donated a “Dime a Day” during Advent to help Bright Christmas.

God bless you and your staff at The Tablet as our prayers and good wishes are sent to you during this time.


Fort Greene


Dear Editor:  The students of Our Lady of the Snows School have raised money once again for The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund.

The Student Council sells homemade paper ornaments to the whole school. The class that buys the most ornaments gets its class picture on the tree that is decorated by all the colored-in paper ornaments.

This year we collected a little more than $600. I know you will make sure it gets to someone who can use the donation.

God bless you and a Marry Christmas.


OLS Student Council Moderator

North Floral Park