Bishop: Teachers Share Teaching Role of Apostles

Shown at the Opening of Schools Mass are Sister Angela Gannon, C.S.J., Secretary for Catholic Education and Formation; Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio; and Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools.

Hundreds of teachers from Catholic schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn joined Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio on Sept. 6 as he celebrated the Opening of Schools Mass at Immaculate Conception Center, Douglaston.
In his homily, Bishop DiMarzio said the apostles were chosen by Jesus for specific tasks, which remain the responsibility of the successors of the original 12 – to teach, to sanctify, and to govern.
Teaching the Truth
“Today you come as Catholic school teachers because you share in the ministry of teaching,” the bishop said. “You share in the bishop’s responsibility to teach the faithful. You share in that apostolic work, which leads you to teach as Jesus did. How important that role is in the Church today; that we teach the truth.”
The wisdom of the Gospel is incorporated by teachers when teaching all subjects, not just religion, he said.
He added that after choosing the 12, Jesus immediately began teaching the crowds and also healing the sick. “I think these two ministries are intimately connected – teaching and healing.”
Bishop DiMarzio noted that many children today come from families that are in need of healing, and as a result, Catholic school teachers play an even greater role in their lives.
“You are able to be ministers of healing to children who need a good image of humanity,” he said. “How important it is that you recognize that.”
The bishop prayed for gift of wisdom so that the diocese will continue to give the gift of Catholic education into the future.
“You are apostles, truly,” Bishop DiMarzio told the teachers. “You are sent with a mission to accomplish what Jesus did – to call others to the faith, to heal them, to give them.