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Bishop Opens Holy Week In Gerritsen Beach Church

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, assisted by Deacon Jaime Varela, celebrated Palm Sunday Mass at Resurrection Church in Gerritsen Beach. The bishop blessed palms, led the entrance procession to the altar and then took part in the communal reading of the Passion of the Lord. He urged the parishioners to partake in the special liturgical celebrations of Holy Week that culminate in the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Sunday. (Photos Antonina Zielinska)

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio began his Holy Week observances in Resurrection Church, Gerritsen Beach.

He blessed the palms, the people and together with the Church Universal reenacted the Passion of Christ according to Matthew.

“We recount these events so that we may be prepared for Easter on the Sunday to come,” he told the congregation.

Lector Jean Canzanella filled the role of narrator during the reading of the Passion. She said the experience granted her a special blessing. To have spoken the words before the congregation opened the events of Holy Week for her in a real way and helped her better understand what Jesus went through.

“It brought it all together,” she said. “He just loves us so much.”

Canzanella said she was grateful to the bishop for choosing to spend Palm Sunday with her Brooklyn parish. She said she watches him on television, but seeing him in person is special and makes her feel assured that he watches out for his flock in Gerritsen Beach.

“I’m just glad he’s here,” she said. “I’m happy to see him.”

Faith Formation teacher Maureen Quinn hoped to have a couple of religious articles blessed by the Bishop of Brooklyn and so she brought them to Mass with her. To her surprise, she ran into the bishop in the back of the church as she blessed herself with holy water after coming in. She was overjoyed to find him to be so friendly and willing to help.

At the end of Mass, Father William With, pastor, expressed his pleasure at hosting the bishop.

“We are happy that the bishop is here to see how his people pray with him and for him,” he said.

Bishop DiMarzio elaborated to the congregation about the beauty of the upcoming celebrations in the Church’s liturgy during Holy Week.

“Fill the church and you will find great blessings,” he said.