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Bishop Kearney Students Give of Themselves

Bishop Kearney H.S., Bensonhurst, hosted its annual blood drive March 7 under the direction of school nurse, Maureen Moses.

Bishop Kearney students smile after they donated blood to help save a life.

Sixty-four pints of blood were collected from students, faculty members and some parents who donated their blood to those in need.

Instead of taking the blood to be separated in a laboratory, some donors were able to use the Alyx machine, which spun their blood and separated the plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma was then given back to the donor and the red blood cells stored to be used immediately.

As always, the blood drive was a success thanks to Nurse Moses, the donors, the technicians, and those who volunteered their time to help at this drive, including Nancy-Ann Santomauro, school secretary. It truly showed the Kearney spirit of giving.

After they had given blood, seniors Erin O’Connor and Kelly Hoey, below, encouraged Noel Girgenti, as a representative from the American Red Cross prepared her to donate.


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