Catholic Schools Week 2017

Bishop Kearney High School


Calko Medical Center to Update Science Labs

Bishop Kearney High School in Bensonhurst will be the recipient of state-of-the-art lab equipment thanks to the generous donation of Dr. Robert Kodsi of Calko Medical Center. During a recent visit to Bishop Kearney, Dr. Kodsi shared this wonderful news with Sister Elizabeth A. Hill, C.S.J., school president, and Dr. Margaret M. Minson.

Valuable Skills, Experience

He also discussed continuing the volunteer and internship programs available to Kearney students. Through these internships, young women are able to explore a career interest, develop valuable skills and gain hands-on, real-world experience.

Geordano Garcia, chair of the science department and longtime faculty member, was excited by the news, and the prospect of an updated lab and new equipment.

“This is a great continuing partnership between Calko Medical Center and Bishop Kearney High School,” he said. “We are grateful for Dr. Kodsi’s time and generous donation. This opportunity strengthens our relationship and will inspire our students to explore the full scope of opportunities in the medical field.”

Donations, such as this one, give Kearney students access to equipment found in modern laboratories and enable them to have a truly top-notch learning experience at Bishop Kearney.

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