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Bensonhurst Cluster Celebrates Christmas Party with Homeless


Trinity Rescue and the Bensonhurst Cluster Homeless Outreach Program conducted a Christmas party for the homeless at St. Dominic’s Church. Msgr. David Cassato, pastor of St. Athanasius, Bensonhurst, and Kenny Wodzanowski, director of youth ministry, greeted some of the guests as they arrived for an evening of food, singing, dancing and a visit from Santa.

One thought on “Bensonhurst Cluster Celebrates Christmas Party with Homeless

  1. Vinny Nerone is the person who came up with the idea and organized all the festivities, including gifts and other niceties that the homeless enjoyed. To him goes all the gratitude and the commendation for all that he does, besides the the party, week after week organizing food distribution all over the city. He is truly an inspiration and a blessing. Thank you Vinny for all that you do. May God bless you with his love, inspiration and keep you always close to his heart.