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Around The School Bell: Bishop Kearney Celebrates Annual “You Make a Difference Day”

By Barbara Kay

Bishop Kearney H.S., Bensonhurst, held its annual “You Make a Difference Day” May 4. The event commemorated the dedication that teachers put into their jobs.

Bryonna Valero, class of 2021, gave an award to Ms. Corso. “She’s not only my teacher, she’s family,” said Valero.

Ms. Corso was beyond grateful to be appreciated, stating, “This makes my vocation worthwhile.”

Alessandra Latino, Ms. Michelle Spinella, St. Peter Catholic Academy, and Italia Acevedo.
At left, Bryonna Valero thanks eighth-grade teacher, Ms. Mary Jo Corso, St. Peter Catholic Academy, Bensonhurst.  (Photos Courtesy of Bishop Kearney H.S.)










Members of the classes of 2020 and 2021 were invited along with the teacher they nominated from their middle school. They gathered in the fitness center to show their appreciation. President, Sister Elizabeth Hill, CSJ, mentioned how the event honored those who have “enlightened us.” Principal Geri Martinez described the evening as “filled with Kearney spirit.”

All the teachers who were chosen had influenced their students in a memorable way. Current freshmen who attended were filled with nerves and the need to make their past teachers proud. The freshmen and eighth grade students found common ground in their love for Bishop Kearney. They all said their teachers had inspired them.

Italia Acevedo, class of 2020, said her teacher, Ms. Spinella, inspired her to achieve her goals.

Most students here, past, present and future, got the Bishop Kearney experience from an event called ‘buddy day.’ Caitlin Zimmer, class of 2021, was blown away by her buddy day. She described Kearney as her “home away from home.”

The event was created by Sister Virginia more than ten years ago. She started this to give thanks to honorable staff members. Sister Virginia mentioned one particular teacher who attended “You Make a Difference Day” when it first began. The teacher had been in her position for more than 30 years and had never once been thanked by a student before the award ceremony.

Last year, I awarded Mrs. Diane Pocarro. She was not only my algebra teacher, but someone I trusted dearly. She is an amazing teacher who provided extensive help with algebra and situations outside the classroom. I jumped at the chance to thank her with an award. ­­­­­­­­

Barbara Kay­­ is a freshman at Bishop Kearney H.S., Bensonhurst. She interviewed her classmates and teachers as part of the first installment of The Tablet Youth Page’s new column entitled ‘Around the School Bell’.

The column is open to any student attending a diocesan high school who wants to share the latest school events through their own eyes and words. If you’re interested in writing for ‘Around the School Bell’, contact youth editor menaje@desalesmedia.org.