Letters to the Editor

Antagonistic Reporting

Dear Editor: Your piece on fake news was right on target with a saliently candid message as outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, published 1994 during the pontificate of now St. Pope John Paul II, as it deals with the relationship between the press, the state and the truth.

Sadly, for most serious Catholic activists the only relationship between us and the secular media, was usually adversarial and built on a shaky foundation of mutual distrust and we felt often justified acrimony.

Most of us who were actively defending our Church teachings and beliefs on issues such as life, tax tuition credits and a host of other issues created by those who loved to hate our Church, some as vitriolic livelihood.

We learned early to expect no support, objective coverage and/or unbiased reporting on the issues, which we championed. We learned that when it came to Church related teachings and beliefs most all secular based reporting, if any, consisted of lies, manipulation of the truth and facts, rigged polls and a total absence of moral and ethical values, which once, we could expect to be the foundation for fair and balanced reporting.

In my time as an Catholic activist, I can count on one hand the times when the secular press was anything less than an antagonistic and virulent foe to issues or legislation, which would support Catholic teachings or beliefs. Sadly, in many battles we, the too often silent majority, have been our own worse adversaries. This will not go away without serious prayer, reflection, prayer, focus and more prayer.


Dyker Heights