High School Supplement 2017

St. John’s Preparatory School

Focused on Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

St. John’s Preparatory School in Astoria has been paving the way for leaders of tomorrow for nearly 150 years. The school is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and instilling the principles and values of the Catholic faith in a positive, nurturing environment.

Inspired by its Vincentian tradition, St. John’s Prep, established in 1870, is built upon profound respect for every individual. A vigorous academic curriculum, an engaging spiritual program, meaningful service experiences and extensive extracurricular opportunities provide a strong foundation for life.

Academic Development
• 100 percent college acceptance
• More than 70 percent of graduates receive college scholarships
• A unique Baccalaureate Program in partnership with St. John’s University enables students to complete high school and college in seven years
• Advanced Placement courses are offered in every academic discipline
• A College Advantage Program in partnership with St. John’s University allows students to earn college credit
• An on-site college fair, college admissions interviews and college scholarship offerings
• College courses, advanced placement classes and an extensive honors program
• A rigorous curriculum individualized to prepare students for success, taught by talented and certified teachers
• Advanced classes in biology, chemistry and physics complement science electives: forensic science, human health and disease, computer coding and 3-D printing
• Advanced foreign language offerings in French, Italian, Latin and Spanish
• Full-time college counseling and guidance program
• SAT and ACT Prep Courses in conjunction with Kaplan
• Individual tutoring sessions offered by faculty members and members of the National Honor Society
• Several specialized programs in partnership with St. John’s University: Writing Center, Science Research Workshops and the Advanced Laboratory Programs

Activities, Arts and Athletics
• More than 50 clubs and activities, including the Science Olympiad, robotics, Math League and various cultural clubs, complement the academic program
• Competitive sports teams in baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, track and volleyball, as well as an active intramural sports program
• An outstanding Performing Arts program that engages students as writers, actors, dancers, designers, directors, musicians, singers and technicians
• Red Storm News: copy writing, filming editing, producing, journalism

Global Awareness
• An extensive International Travel program enables the students to experience and appreciate other cultures
• Service opportunities offered in conjunction with the International Travel program provide students with life changing opportunities
• A course in Mandarin offered in conjunction with International Studies program

St. John’s Prep inspires every student to be a confident leader who can meet the challenges of the 21st century. Come join the St. John’s Prep community.

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