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An Anti-Catholic Bias

Dear Editor: The Democratic Party has demonstrated an anti-Catholic bias that everyone should be aware of. From the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Thomas Perez, to Governor Andrew Cuomo, they are on record admonishing voters that if you are pro-life, you do not belong in the Democratic party.

Governor Cuomo has gone even further to strengthen laws to permit abortion at any time in a pregnancy.

The Democratic Party stands against citizens and stands with criminal illegal aliens. The victims of illegal aliens do not matter to the Democratic Party, they prefer the alien.

Newspeople defend Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the violence that they engender.  Their criminal acts go unpunished, and are defended as necessary actions.

This is the Democratic Party’s idea of justice! The criminal acts of MS-13 are trivialized, and the victims of MS-13 are ignored. However, the situation at the border is highlighted and magnified. Every violation is isolated and insignificant – at least from the Democratic Party’s point of view.

As distasteful as the scandals within the Catholic Church are, these events were brought back into the public forum to deflect and distract from the many scandals which are consuming the Democratic Party.

The Catholic Church is the favorite whipping boy of the media and the Democratic Party. The church is working to clean up after the scandals have been revisited in the media. But the Democratic Party ignores its own transgressions – typical tactics of the Democratic Party.

Now they have begun a smear campaign against the nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The tactics of the Democratic Party are familiar, predictable, and reprehensible. There is no honor among the Democrats, only an unquenchable thirst for power, by any means necessary.

Reject the Democratic Party and all that they stand for. They no longer fight for the working man or the American people. They seek only power and corrupt everything that they touch.



2 thoughts on “An Anti-Catholic Bias

  1. Well, Mr. Lancucki, that was quite a letter! I hope no one agrees with you regarding the media’s attention to criminal activity within the Church as a cover for Democratic politicians and the party itself. I think the Church has actually benefited from the publication of unChristian acts by certain priests and others. It is upon the Church to heal itself just as our polity itself must heal.

  2. I would respond to Mr. Lancucki that everything he wrote about the democratic party “there is no honor…….only an unquenchable thirst for power by any means necessary” actually applies to the republican party under this so called president. The few republicans who have principles are too scared to speak out because their fox news/talk radio base will retaliate. You also state that criminal acts are “trivialized”. No Mr. Lancucki it is you who trivialize snatching babies and terrified children from the arms of their mothers and holding them in cages by referring to it as “the situation at the border”. There is a reason why most Catholics almost always vote for the Democratic candidates. They recognize which party really protects the vulnerable in our society.