Letters to the Editor

Act Against the Violence

Dear Editor: I commend The Tablet for its Dec. 12 editorial, “End the Violence.” Yes, we must pray, but as advocates, we also must act.

Mass murder seems to occur in America every other week. Its frequency is frightening. Can anything be done? To quote from your editorial, “We recognize the Second Amendment right to bear arms but we don’t believe the Founding Fathers had AK47s in mind when they penned their words. Let’s campaign to restrict access to guns to those who are on ‘no fly’ lists.”

I would offer an additional remedy. The assault weapons ban expired in 2004 and was not renewed by Congress. Can any reasonable American not agree that such high-powered weapons present a danger to us? Semi-automatic assault rifles should be limited to soldiers on the battlefield and to the police. These weapons are not used for hunting. Unfortunately, our streets, movie theaters and recreational centers have become battlefields.

Perhaps our faith leaders can have some influence on members of Congress (ordinary citizens don’t) – if not to completely stop these mass murders, at least to prevent them from happening with such regularity and on such a massive scale.