Letters to the Editor

Accountable Candidates

Dear Editor: Politics and the news media have reached a new low in dirty tricks in the effort to elect a new president. Some people say that this is a sad commentary. But it is more than just a mud-slinging contest, it is worse than that. Divisiveness, lying, deceiving, manipulating, the media have seemed to put a new views on the wrong issues that changes the meaning of words and then the way things are looked at.

Alleged inappropriate sexual advances are worse than actual rape if you’re a president and is now acceptable for some people and is excused for someone who is running for president.

Money laundering and obvious bribery is overlooked. Ignoring a government subpoena is excused for some people and not for others.

In essence we are ignoring law and order. So now we have states ignoring laws with the result being sanctuary cities. People are dying as a result.

National security falls from the first responsibility to below global warming in some cycles.

Where is a new Teddy Roosevelt when we need one?

What happened to immigrants having to have a sponsor?

Someone recently said to me, “there is something very wrong in the country when the police are made the bad guys and we are letting prisoners out of jail.”

It also puts national and personal security a risk.

Where is the accountability for the public officials?


Jackson Heights