Letters to the Editor

A Pope Who Understands

Dear Editor: Pope Francis is truly a loving and understanding man of faith and of the people. Thank you for simplifying the annulment process.

I applied over 20 years ago, but found the paperwork and criteria daunting. Having to relive the events leading up to my marriage, my marriage and the demise of my marriage was overwhelming.

I never completed the application.

Annulment is not to be looked on lightly or granted indiscriminately. Many qualify but were too intimidated to apply or pursue the lengthy and difficult process.

Hopefully now, we can all move forward in faith with the changes the pope has initiated.


One thought on “A Pope Who Understands

  1. Dear Editor, I am writing from Bari, Italy. I wish from the very bottom of my heart to thank you all for the very warm welcome tributed to Pope Francis. He may seem rather shy…he is true…honest…real…ground-based…simply…poor…sincere…he lives in a religious residence and…pays the bill by his own for that..!! Believe us…awesome…as normal and common He is…!! Best regards, sincerely, Salvatore, Italy.