Letters to the Editor

A Medicinal Tablet

Dear Editor: As a very long-time reader, I thank God for the modern Tablet. In those long ago years, I used to consider it a bitter pill, with the weekly columns of Fathers McBrien and Greeley, and lack of response to complaints of the political slant of the publication.

Now, I consider it a medical “tablet.” On a different point, I have noticed that almost all the letters against Trump have been written by women. I wonder if those women realize that the main point of Democrat feminists is their defense of abortion. This is so important to Democrats that years ago a candidate in Colorado emphasized this point so much that he was called the “uterus” candidate. (His name was Unruh.)

Pro-life women were not allowed to participate in the Women’s March in Washington. Abortion, like prostitution, is a sin that has two victims, the woman and the John in one case, the baby and the mother in the other.


Davidsonville, Md.