Letters to the Editor

A Gift of Grace

Dear Editor: Just a note to say that I sent in some summer book suggestions and The Tablet shared them. A few weeks later, I get an email to thank me for one of the books I suggested. The book was “How The Light Gets In,” by Brian Doyle – who wrote a lot for Orbis Press – a writer and a poet, a very spiritual man.

The person who wrote me is now living in Florida and gets The Tablet. The one short line in all of that Tablet with Brian’s name meant so much to him. It was Brian’s father. Brian passed away last year.

Was that a gift of grace having that one line in The Tablet and me sending in that book title and author?

I emailed back and told him Brian will continue to inspire me and many others with his writings. He is going to send me some of Brian’s books. I sent him my book, “Arthur: Thank You for Being Jesus’ Love,”  and told him to look at Page 6 in the book. I quoted his son.

Just wanted you all to know how sending The Tablet all the way to Florida and how one line can make someone so happy. The father is 96. Blessings in all you do.