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Father Brislin Was Ordained A Passionist 50 Years Ago

Father Brislin, C.P.

Father Thomas P. Brislin, C.P., rector of the Immaculate Conception Monastery, Jamaica, will celebrate his 50th anniversary of ordination on Sunday, June 23, at St. Ann’s Passionist Basilica, Scranton, Pa. He also will observe the jubilee as part of a communal ceremony at Immaculate Conception Monastery.

Born in Hazleton, Pa., he entered the Passionist seminary after high school in 1957. He was professed in 1961 and ordained priest in 1968 at St. Michael’s Monastery, Union City, N.J.

He has served in various ministries of the Passionist community. He has been a member of the preaching band; twice director of the Confraternity of the Passion; assistant rector of the Passionist Monastery in Massachusetts; director of the retreat house in Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies; pastor in Atlanta, Ga.; director of the minor seminary in Botswana, Africa; a member of the retreat team in Riverdale; director of the diocesan retreat house and pastor in Nassau, the Bahamas; regional vicar of the Jamaican Mission and rector of St. Paul of the Cross Cathedral in Jamaica, West Indies.

He has been serving in Jamaica, Queens, since 2014.

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