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Our  Lady of Grace Student Receives First Ever Lorraine Buckley Scholarship

Eighth grader Jillian Stern, from Our Lady of Grace (OLG) school, Gravesend, received the first Lorraine Buckley Scholarship ever presented.

The scholarship was established by Charles Buckley in memory of his wife, who was a beloved faculty member at the school for many years.

“Lorraine Buckley cared so deeply for her students that she continued to ask for them after they graduated from OLG,” said Deacon Ron Rizzuto, director of admissions. “She always made sure that her former students were doing well and that their transition to high school was smooth. She genuinely loved her students and they in turn showed their love and appreciation for her.”

The award is given to a hard-working OLG student who plans to attend St. Edmund Prep. Stern was acknowledged during an Incoming Freshmen Brunch held at the Prep.

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