Letters to the Editor

Yes, Santa Claus Lives!

Dear Editor: Each year, Patricia Daly, our fourth grade teacher shares the letter and response for: “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.”

The members of her class discussed the meaning of “Santa Claus” and are asked to write about what they have learned.

The following is the response of a current fourth grader Gabriel Nicolas:

“I Am a Santa Claus…

“‘Yes, Virginia There Is a Santa Claus’ is about a late 19th century eight-year-old girl who lives in New York City, and she is interested in Santa Claus. She writes a note to the editor of the New York Sun asking if Santa Claus exists. Then one day her little brother Ally enthusiastically shows Virginia the newspaper article that says, ‘Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus. Santa Claus is always with us.’
“Santa Claus means imagination, compassion, love and romance. Also he means non-violence and giving. Finally he means thoughtfulness and generosity.
“Santa Claus is important in my life because he’s all about giving.
“Also, he is important in my life because he makes kind kids feel proud of themselves, including me. He makes me feel like a Santa Claus too!”

Here’s wishing everyone … a little bit of Santa Claus.

Carol Donnelly
Saint Mark Catholic Academy
Sheepshead Bay

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