2023 Brothers and Sisters Jubilee Mass

Women and Men Religious Mark Jubilees

Bishop Robert Brennan with Sister Mary Monica Leddy, LSP (80 years of profession; 103 years ”young”)
Back Row (Left to Right): Sister Joan Heptig, CSJ (70 years), Sister Mary Perasa, CSJ (65 years), Sister Virginia Barry, CSJ (65 years), Sister Elizabeth Graham, CSJ (65 years), Sister Maria Attilia Mazzina, CSJ (60 years), Sister Dorothy Zacharowski, CSJ, (60 years)
Front Row (Left to Right): Sister Grace Jose Mercado, CSJ (60 years), Sister Mary Sivilo, CSJ (70 years), Sister Helen Herley, CSJ (60 years)
(Left to Right): Sister Catherine Gardiner, OSU (70 years), Sister Judith O’Connor, OSU (65 years)
Back Row (Left to Right): Sister Rosemary Maguire, RSM, (60 years), Sister Patricia Hartigan, RSM (60 years), Sister Mariette Schmidt, RSM (70 years), Sister Eileen Neary, RSM (70 years), Sister Ann Horgan, RSM (70 years), Sister Ellen Smith, RSM (60 years), Sister Assunta Boyle, RSM, (70 years) Front Row (Left to Right): Sister Lourdette O’Keefe RSM, (70 years), Sister Eileen Payne, RSM, (60 years)
Sister Marie Mackey, CSJ (25 years)
(Left to Right): Brother Stephen Bosco Wang, FMS (75 years), Brother Roy George, FMS (60 years)
(Left to Right): Sister Bernadette Sassone, DW (60 years), Sister Bernadette Mary Lee, O. Carm (70 years)
(Left to Right): Sister Kathleen Maciej, CSFN (50 years), Sister Elaine Schenk, MID (50 years), Sister Cecilia Yeon Tji, IHM (50 years)
(Left to Right): Sister Colleen Colbert, OP (75 years), Sr. Virginia Connors, OP (60 years), Sr. Joan Martin, OP (60 years), Sr. Mary Jane Rolston, OP (60 years)