Letters to the Editor

When News Is News

Dear Editor: Just read your latest “Editor’s Space” (Aug. 22) in which you noted the sparse news coverage given to the message of the recent K. of C. Supreme Meeting and Convention in Philadelphia (Aug. 4-6). Well done and thank you.

Those who are fully knowledgeable of the work and efforts of the Knights know full well that this type of commitment and involvement, is but the tip of the spiritual, physical, financial and faith-based iceberg that propels the Order to even greater heights each year. One of the prime movers of the Knights is the Defense of the Faith, which they spearhead and continue to undertake with pride and gusto 24/7/365 all over the world.

This is but a minute part of the “Can Do Attitude” of the Knights, who continually flesh-out the vision and legacy of our founder, the Venerable Father. Michael J. McGivney. There are few, if any, who can match the amount of volunteer man-hours and dollars contributed each year to build our church, defend our faith, our pro-life initiatives and programs, supporting and funding vocations and/or care for those in serious need or living in pain, sickness and helplessness of disaster or catastrophe.

As to the lack of coverage given by the secular press and electronic media, we have come to expect nothing less.

All the news that is fit to print has degenerated to the continued deleterious infusion of murder, mayhem and massive misdirection of solid facts. In Satan’s world, this sub-human excrement sells by taking the spot-light off our own faults, failings and flaws.

Two weeks ago, The Tablet reported some 2,000 teens who filled the arena at St. John’s University and among other truly spiritual acts, spent time on their knees in prayer. Now wasn’t that a novel action in our New Age world? Not a word in Satan’s press!

How about tens of thousands who attend the Annual March for Life in the cold, wind, damp snow in Washington D.C. each Jan. 22 to march, pray, lobby and chant for an end of abortion?

Still not enough? How about tens upon tens of thousands who gather from all over the world at the celebration of World Youth Day? Not a peep!

Satan has had his chance and he is failing in the minds, hearts and souls of this new phenomena, children who love and trust God to return sanity to a world which has too often prostrate itself before pagan idols.


Dyker Heights

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