Spring Wedding Guide

Wedding Planning Checklist

Congratulations on your engagement! There are lots of things to think about as you head toward the big day. Here is a very basic checklist to start you on the right track – practically and spiritually:

  Call your parish
Most parishes require at least six months
notice prior to the wedding.

  Choose a date
Or two – in case your church or hall are not
available when you are.

  Work out your budget
Factor in the cost of the honeymoon too, so you don’t overspend.

  Research and visit venues/caterers
Choose the site/style that suits you as a couple,
whether that means having a special theme,
a simple party or a huge affair.

  Consider where you will live
Apartment or house? Rent or buy?

  Start choosing vendors
Wedding planner, florist, transportation, music,
photographer and videographer

  Create the guest list
Save time and start thinking about seating arrangements at this point.

  Church celebration/Mass selections
Choose the Scripture readings, music and Prayers of the Faithful.

  Create your registry
Will your wedding wish list be traditional or high-tech?

  Decide on attire
Formal tux or sharp-looking suit? Mother’s
well-preserved dress or something new?

  Book your honeymoon

  Pray daily for your future spouse
Marriage is a leap of faith – and your future
husband/wife needs your prayers and support.

  Choose the maid of honor and best man;
select the wedding party

  Attend marriage preparation program

  Pick out and send invitations

  Choose favors
Couples usually give a little gift to their
guests, but another option is to make a
donation in guests’ names to charity.

  Purchase wedding bands

  Get your marriage license
Go to the Office of the City Clerk. For
details, visit cityclerk.nyc.gov or call 311.

  Pack for the honeymoon

  Church rehearsal and dinner
After practicing for the big day in church,
invite your officiant, bridal party and families
to the place where you had your first date,
or where you became engaged.

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