We Are One Nation

The reaction of the people of Charleston, South Carolina, to the horrendous shootings in a Bible Study class has been inspirational. There have been no riots, no demonstrations, just a call for justice and even the offer of forgiveness.

In his statement on the situation last week, Bishop DiMarzio said, “we were all stunned to learn of the murder of worshipers at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. My prayers and that of the entire Catholic Community in Brooklyn and Queens are with the Emanuel AME community and the people of South Carolina. As worshipers returned to Mass on Sunday, there is no doubt it was difficult to pray and worship among grief and anger. But they have shown the world how faith can overcome even the most evil act. Join me in prayer and solidarity for the Emanuel AME community.”

Since the initial incident, a controversy has arisen over the Confederate flag and whether it is proper to have it displayed, especially at governmental buildings.

A war was fought over the issues that the Confederate flag represents. Good prevailed over evil. There is no reason why the symbol of evil should continue to haunt future generations.

It’s long been time to relegate the Confederate flag to museums that tell the story of the Civil War. There’s no other place for it in our American society that recognizes the equality of all people.

The shooter in South Carolina allegedly was motivated by racist concepts. It’s time to put an end to any symbols that remind us of a time gone by when one race dominated another.

The United States of America, as we will be reminded next weekend on the great American holiday, has one flag and that is the Stars and Stripes that bring us together. Let us all stand united behind it, one nation under God.

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