Boomers - Summer 2017

Ways to Nourish Your Spiritual Side

If you’re not ready to tackle one of your big physical or financial fitness goals this summer, why not take time to evaluate and nourish your spiritual aims?

Members of St. James Cathedral in Downtown Brooklyn are in the midst of doing this as part of a summer challenge at the parish.

Before Labor Day, parishioners are striving to meet these goals:

• Visit a shrine church (and there are several in this diocese)

• Invite a fellow parishioner to share a meal (or join the family for a barbecue)

• Read the biography of a saint (like Msgr. Bernard Quinn)

• Write a letter to a retired priest or nun (from your school days or parish)

• Pray a novena for your parish (especially for an increase in vocations)

• Complete one service day

Nourishing your spiritual side can renew your interest and energy for meeting other life goals.

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