Letters to the Editor

Want to Serve? Be on Time!

Dear Editor: For at least the third time this past Saturday, I have had to “fill in” as a eucharistic minister (which is a privilege), only to have one of the “assigned” ministers run up to our pew after we have processed in, sometimes as late as right before the Gospel, and say “I am here. I am on the schedule.”

In this particular instance the “assigned” person was present all along, but could not make up her mind as to whether or not she wanted to serve. There had not been one “assigned” minister in the back to process in when Mass started.

We, as eucharistic ministers, are setting an example for the congregation. We have the great privilege of distributing the Body and Blood of Jesus, and should be preparing prayerfully to do so. If a minister runs in after the procession, what does this say to the rest of the congregation? What does this say about the Eucharist and our ministry?

Please prayerfully consider how your actions will impact those you have been called to serve.