Letters to the Editor

Vote Your Beliefs

Dear Editor: Wake up, Catholics! Our record is an embarrassment. Every Democrat who represents our neighborhoods is pro-abortion and that is almost true of all New York State representatives as well. Several claim to be Catholic, like our governor and female U.S. senator.

In the Assembly in Albany, every member whose district is entirely in Brooklyn and Queens is also a Democrat. In the Senate, we have one Republican (Martin Golden, Brooklyn) and Democrat Simcha Felder who did not vote with the Democrats on moral issues. Sen. Felder is an Orthodox Jew who votes correctly on moral issues.

Catholics do not make their moral beliefs a priority when they vote. This failure is a major reason for the ever-increasing immorality in our country.

Reading the Democratic platform on moral issues makes it very clear that Catholics should not be voting for Democratic incumbents with bad moral records or who supported their party’s immoral stances. We must start voting in accord with our beliefs, not the Party.


Lynbrook, L.I.

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