Voice of Reason

The recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia will be a much missed champion of human life and right reason on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, time and time again, Scalia proved to be a voice of reason, a voice calling upon our nation to recognize natural law in all aspects of life.

Reporter Dahlia Lithwick described Scalia’s legal skill:

“Scalia doesn’t come into oral argument all secretive and sphinxlike, feigning indecision on the nuances of the case before him. He comes in like a medieval knight, girded for battle. He knows what the law is. He knows what the opinion should say.”

Tirelessly, Scalia was a champion of the unborn and of traditional family values. He was a Catholic man, one who not only knew the law of the land, but also who knew the law of God as a guide for his life. We as Catholic people should pray for this good man.

Also we can hope that President Obama will nominate another truly wise and just man or woman who bases his or her judgments on what the U.S. Constitution actually says. Otherwise, he would do well to refrain from making any nomination, respecting what has become a reasonable tradition of a lame duck president not making any nomination at all.



Scalia Said Rulings Were Not Based on Religion