Letters to the Editor

Visitor from Fatima

Dear Editor: I was at Our Lady of Guadalupe for the visit of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Msgr. Romano, pastor, gave some beautiful words about how Our Lady watches over. She watches over the police department of which he is a police chaplain.

It was so wonderful to see Our Lady of Fatima in procession at the church where I was an altar boy. This really touched my heart as I prayed for our Church and for our dear Bishop DiMarzio.

Our Lady of Fatima is our Holy Mother. She united Her children in prayer and what a special time!

Msgr. Thomas Caserta told the crowd of 1,600 people in his homily that it would be wonderful if people came to visit the Blessed Sacrament daily. He told us Our Lady brings us to Jesus. Jesus also brings us to His Holy Mother because Her Triumph will be the peace the world cannot give.

I am thankful to our bishop, to Msgr. Romano, to all those who organized this ceremony and sung beautiful hymns. But most of all, I am grateful to Jesus and Our Lady for bestowing so much grace on us.


Bath Beach