Letters to the Editor

Uncle Howie Basler

Dear Editor: I write to thank you for your very kind and thoughtful Editor’s Space about my beloved uncle Howard B. Basler (Howie). My father, Joseph Basler, has taken great comfort in all the nice things that have been said, and now written, about his brother. They have been deeply appreciated at the difficult time.

Dad could not make it to the funeral due to his own health issues and so was represented by my brother Daniel and me. It was very nice to make links with the family and we took this time to revisit old Brooklyn haunts of my family and my childhood.

Father Lauder’s homily was one of the few times when I felt emotional. His description of my uncle hit home and I realize how much I had missed of this intelligent and humble man’s life having spent most of my life in Scotland. I would have really liked to know him more.

I felt a real affinity with his concern for the poor. I work in a hospital in an area of significant social deprivation in Scotland with many of the problems that poverty brings. I know the real value (and the Brooklyn heritage) of the unconditional kindness of those who fight for the less well off.

The care that the Church shows and our current pope urges toward the poor has always been an inspiration to all our family. I left Brooklyn at age seven but like my uncle, still have a fondness for the Mets. It would be great if they win the World Series and I am sure he is still rooting for them.


Glasgow, Scotland