Letters to the Editor

Two More Favorite Homilists

This letter is part of an ongoing discussion that began with an editorial, “Need for Good Homilies,” published in the Feb. 7 issue. You can find the complete archive here.

Dear Editor: I have enjoyed reading about the true impressions and affection that Massgoers have for the varied priests and deacons who give homilies in our diocese.

My family and I go way out of our ZIP code to hear these two really special, Spirit-filled priests: Father Kevin McBrien who moved from St. Clare’s, Rosedale, all the way north to Our Lady of the Snows parish, North Floral Park, and Father Francis Shannon who is at Blessed Sacrament at the borderline of Queens and Brooklyn in Cypress Hills. Neither parish is close to our home, but we make many trips a year north and south of our home just to get a “refill” of the down-to-earth, special, spiritual, friendly, funny, thought-provoking, faith-inspiring words of both of these men of Christ.

They are a blessing to whoever hears them. They live, speak, sound, act, and walk in Christlike ways (but are so humble and would wave off such compliments), and we recommend them, if we may say so! God Bless Father Kevin and Father Frank!