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Two Academies to Be Merged; Will Be Located in Fort Greene

Queen of All Saints, Fort Greene

Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy in Fort Greene and St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy, Park Slope, will merge into one school in the fall with the new school being located on the campus of Queen of All Saints.

The move was made in response to declining enrollment at both academies.

The merger is expected to lead to an increase in financial resources since Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy will now be designated as an Embassy School.

“This designation notes the importance of Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy to Catholic education within a geographic location and qualifies us for a substantial grant from the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust. This money will allow us to continue enhancing our academic programs,” said Ed Bolan, board chairman of Queen of All Saints, in a letter to parents.

“Maintaining our presence in the community also allows us to continue our partnership with Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, St. Joseph’s College and to forge new partnerships such as with Pratt Institute.

“In addition, we are looking to an upgrade in technology and wiring through the DeSales Media Group. This technology integration will provide our students with the tools and resources essential for success in today’s society.”

The Board of Directors at St. Francis had been working to develop and implement a recovery plan that would increase enrollment, enhance academic programs, improve the facility, rebrand and re-image Catholic education.
Despite those efforts, only seven new students registered for the 2018-2019 school year.

Because the Queen of All Saints Church is housed within Queen of All Saints Academy, it was not feasible that a potential rental of the school building would be realistic.

In addition, the student population at Queen of All Saints resided within the parish boundaries, while at St. Francis Xavier, the students come from 40 different zip codes.

Transitional Support

Through the St. Elizabeth Seton Trust, each child registered in the merged academy will receive a one-time scholarship of $500.

Families from St. Francis Xavier Catholic Academy that enroll in the merged academy at Queen of All Saints will receive an additional $500 per child from the Parish of St. Francis Xavier.

The parish of St. Francis Xavier will continue to host the Pre-K for All.

The academy building at St. Francis Xavier will be used for religious education and parish functions.

One thought on “Two Academies to Be Merged; Will Be Located in Fort Greene

  1. Saint Francis has been educating students for over 104 years. With the implementation of a music program, new gym, computer lab, chromebooks, and updated classroom furniture I cannot understand the decision to merge this school into Queen of all saints. I understand that the building surrounds a church, and it’s not easy to lease out. The decision does not make sense. It’s harder to travel to, sfxca has many trains and buses that are available. I can only say that I am both sad and angry with the merge. Sfxca has a Family atmosphere. Queen of all Saints cannot accommodate a school nurse. Most of the families I have spoken to have made alternate plans for thier children, as I will too.