Letters to the Editor

Tributes to Mother Angelica

Dear Editor: Mother Angelica would break through brick walls for Jesus. Yet, we often hear unfair criticisms of the Catholic Church regarding women.

Mother Angelica was a formidable little old nun who was a formidable soldier for Christ. She founded and ran as CEO the first successful, worldwide satellite Catholic cable network 24/7 and founded an order of nuns in the United States and France, as well as an order of priests.

She never said “no” to Jesus. No matter if the task be akin to Sisyphus using a thin reed to push a massive boulder uphill. She would do it for Jesus.

It is time to say goodbye to Mother Angelica, after her death on Easter Sunday. And we soldier on by doing the work of Jesus in the vineyards of life.

“Be not afraid.” Let us all take a page out of the book of Mother Angelica and fearlessly stand up for Jesus and remain silent and fearful of the decadent world’s opinion no longer.

Mother broke through brick walls for Jesus. Will you?

So long, Mother Angelica. We miss you. Till we meet in Paradise. God Bless you. Ad majorem dei gloriam.



Dear Editor: Every time, I hear more and more stories about Mother Angelica’s passing on Easter Sunday, I felt more profound gratefulness to her life’s achievements. As you printed, in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI awarded her and another EWTN official, the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross, the highest papal honor that can be conferred on laymen and clergy.

I was so disappointed that your half-page coverage of Mother Angelica’s life was relegated to Page 15, without a single photo. As a matter of fact, I thought, I would see her feature story on the cover’s left side along with pictures of news considered of great significance from the week past. Also, your regular obits mostly are accompanied by pictures.

Thank goodness, a quote from the president of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, made it to the bottom of the Editorial Page. He said, “Mother Angelica was a true media giant. She proved that the Church belonged in the popular media alongside the news, sports, and talk shows.” Thank you, Father Michael O. Sheridan for those kind words.