Letters to the Editor

Traditional Pro-Life Judaism

Dear Editor: I have just read your splendid editorial “Kavanaugh’s Confirmation,” Bravo! I strongly sympathize with the Christian pro-life cause, yet I am not a Christian, I am Jewish.

As you probably know, traditional historic Judaism has a position on abortion that is very similar to but not the exact same as that of the Roman Catholic Church. Torah (orthodox) Judaism does allow abortion only if the mother’s life is in immediate danger during childbirth.

Judaism does not allow abortion for rape and incest. While it is absolutely horrific for a woman who is raped to go through the suffering of pregnancy and childbirth, and she deserves our utmost compassion and concern, the killing of her child is worse of course.

Several years ago, his Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan had a pro-life press conference, a participant being Rabbi David Zwiebel, the executive director of the very important and influential Agudath Israel of America.

Also, several years ago the Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda Levin met with Pope St. John Paul II at which meeting I understand the priest wrote of the Holy Father “Evangelium Vitae,” mentioned in your editorial. In previous years, Rabbi Levin was a regular speaker at the March for Life in Washington at which an assistant to the rabbi, Rabbi Joseph Friedmanm blew the ram’s horn signaling the dire crisis of abortion.

Pro-abortion folk get upset when we call the killing of over fifty million children since Roe vs. Wade the American Holocaust, which indeed it is.

Several weeks ago, I spoke with an Italian American resident of Amber court, a very devout Catholic. He told me he will vote for Cuomo for governor “because Cuomo is Catholic and Italian.”

I explained to him that my grandfather’s cow (he did have a cow when he lived in Rockland County, NY) “was more of a Catholic then Cuomo” and that Cuomo is “poison.” There is no way now that the gentleman will vote for Cuomo.



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