Threat in Albany

A threat to resurrect the elimination of the statute of limitations for church workers accused of sexual abuse is nothing more than a continuation of the dirtiest politics in Albany.

Coming on the next to last day of the Assembly’s scheduled session, the proposal was nothing more than a threat of retaliation to the Church because of its firm support for the Education Tax Credit proposal that it has been backing.

This statute of limitations bill had been dead for years and its main sponsor, Queens Assemblywoman Marge Markey, who is a supporter of the Education Tax Credit, has said publicly that she had no idea that it was going to be reintroduced.

The Catholic Church will not be intimidated and will not back down in its fight for the rights of parents to choose the right schools for their children. A church official said this week, “We will continue to fight for the Education Tax Credit for as many sessions as necessary until it’s enacted.”

Meanwhile we urge state representatives to debate and work in good faith so that something good can be achieved in Albany – something more than the inertia we’ve become accustomed to seeing.