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The Persecution of Middle East Christians

Dear Editor: I must take exception to one statement in (“Malliotakis Decries Persecution Against Christians in Holy Land — S. I. Politician gets a firsthand look at the situation in Israel” Aug. 3), by Allyson Escobar and Alexandria Moyen.

The statement is: “‘Speaking to individuals who are living there and are of the Christian faith, they’re seeing the population fleeing, particularly in the west bank of Bethlehem, a very prominent Christian population, Malliotakis said.”

She said she was struck by the relatively small Christian presence in the area.  According to NBC News, the Christian population in and around Bethlehem dropped to about 12 percent last year from about 80 percent in 1950.”

Omitted is the naming of who is primarily responsible.Throughout the Middle East except in Israel, the Christian population has been shrinking because of political instability, Islamic terrorism and religious intolerance.

Philip E. Schoenberg


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