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The Killing Goes On

Dear Editor: Jan. 22, 1973, the day any claim we had to being a Christian nation ended. Christians do not allow the killing of innocent human beings and that became legal in the U.S. on that horrendous day.

Forty-five years later, the killing goes on. An estimated 60 million babies haven died from legal abortion in those years. Shame on us!

The Democratic Party overwhelmingly supports and advocate for these killings with very few exceptions. In the Brooklyn Diocese, every Democratic Congressional Representative supports abortion. In Albany, every Democratic Senator, except Felder, is an abortion vote. They are joined by our supposedly-Catholic Governor and U.S. Senator.

Yet the Democrats almost always easily win every political race in our Diocese and its’ obvious a larger proportion of our Catholic population helps make this possible.

It is very sad that even after the Democrats removed any mention of God from their platform in 2016, their dominance in our diocese continues. Obviously many of our fellow Catholics put the Democratic moral values ahead of our religious and traditional moral values.

Is it too much to hope that changes this year and the immoral values of the Democratic Party are finally rejected.



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One thought on “The Killing Goes On

  1. Catholics vote for candidates on the basis of many issues. If a candidate of either party stands for a majority of one’s political beliefs then a vote is cast in favor of that candidate. The so called “immoral values” of the Democratic Party may be preferable to the morally questionable values of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.