Letters to the Editor

The Faces of Evil

Dear Editor: In response to your April 28 editorial, Satan is alive and well!

All too often many people scoff at the likes of us who believe Satan is alive and well. They picture Satan as the horned-headed, dressed-in-black, male with a long tail carrying a pitchfork and think we believe that. Unfortunately, we don’t have far to look but certainly not for that image.

The federal government alleges the people of NXIVM are behind a sex cult looking to enslave women. People seeking help to fulfill their needs were prey to the devil; prey to NXIVM. No visible horns, no pitch forks or long tails.

Erasmus of Rotterdam told us over 500 years ago that we must “train our minds to distinguish the true nature of good and evil.”

Sadly, many of us fail to make that distinction. Modern day exhortations of Pope Francis often refer to the reality of the Evil One. The Evil One is alive and well in our midst; we just have to be able to distinguish how to do good and avoid evil in our lives.


Belle Harbor


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