Letters to the Editor

The Exercise of Authority

Dear Editor: An article in The Tablet (June 6) revealed that some European bishops desire that the Synod consider Church teaching as not immovable and develop with time. They think that indissolubility of marriage is utopia and advocate greater liberalism in its application.

Among our core faith values is that God is Truth and Pure. This is absolute truism and needs no fine-tuning. Divine Revelations (Sacred Scripture and Tradition) dictate the moral tone and discipline of our spirituality.

The Synod must avoid the negative influence of the ubiquitous social media in accordance with Rom 12:2 – ”Do not conform to this age.” The Church must be compassionate like Christ, her groom. God is not hard-nosed. Otherwise, the Prodigal Son and the good thief wouldn’t have been spared. But don’t forget: Each of them demonstrated remorse and then received mercy.

Exercise of Magisterium at the Synod should have a compassionate agenda without devaluation of Truth and agree with God’s Word. Such Magisterium must listen prayerfully to the Spirit as at the first Jerusalem Council. The people of God must not acquiesce to debased popular culture and the dictatorship of relativism.