Letters to the Editor

The Cost of Living

Dear Editor: I am a longtime reader of The Tablet, an excellent publication.  I was quite dismayed, however, when I read The Editor’s Space (July 21), titled ‘What Happens to a Building When It’s No Longer a Church?’

Mr. Wilkinson wrote that the former St. Vincent de Paul church in Williamsburg is now a condominium complex and a person can live there for “as little as $4,250 a month.”

I was shocked to read this statement.

Mr. Wilkinson, please know that $4,250 a month is not a little for the majority of New Yorkers. The housing issue in New York City, for many New Yorkers, is very critical. Many individuals are having a hard time paying rent. The average Joe or Jane, who are making a decent salary, would not consider that monthly rent as “little.”

Let’s say a prayer for all those who are having a hard time finding decent housing that they can afford.

Cypress Hills

Editor’s Space: I couldn’t agree more. The use of the term “little” was meant to be satirical. The price of rent in this city is out of control.

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