Letters to the Editor

The Church Is Not a ‘Brand’

Dear Editor: Many absurd ideas have been generated by Orwellian Catholicism, the half century long Catholic dissident movement, but few as scandalous to God as listening to Father Thomas Rosica’s talk (May 21) about the Church “rebranding” itself.

Maybe in the adolescent minds of liberal politicians expressing fantasies about government producing products and services – to help them feel important – rebranding makes a rebellious kind of sense, but God’s Church isn’t a “brand” and it doesn’t need to be marketed to make it palatable to those seeking to destroy it.

Father Rosica justifies “branding” by describing favorable new perceptions of Catholicism, under Pope Francis, now that the Church is concerned for the poor and the environment. Such concerns have existed for 2,000 years; except these concerns were never attached to faith in global government as the solution, the result of which would only worsen matters, clear to anyone with the wisdom and humility to be curious about real history or actual Catholic moral principles.


Richmond Hill

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