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The Choice for Life Is Clear

Dear Editor: Our Founders believed that the Right to Life precedes all other rights and understood such a right as foundational to personal freedom.

While too many of us were not paying attention, by Supreme Court decision, unborn life was classified as not being “life” in 1973. Biological fact was and continues to be ignored.

We all know only too well that this mistake resulted in the holocaust of millions of human lives and that abortion continues as a so-called “right of choice.”

We know, too, that the marketing and sale of human baby parts – brains, livers, hearts – are now a part of the abortion “business.”

We know that a Culture of Life can be restored in the U.S.A., and with the grace of God, it will happen.

One candidate declares that she will nominate only Supreme Court Justices who think Roe v. Wade is “settled law.” Her vice president has a clear record of voting in the U.S. Senate against a pro-life position.

Another candidate released a list of 11 judges in May 2016, who are all “pro-life.” His vice president holds a solid pro-life voting record during his 12 years in the House of Representatives. He has also supported many pro-life measures as governor of Indiana.

Your vote will make the difference in the direction of our country and in restoring a Culture of Life – you can help make that happen!



Editor’s Note: Florence Maloney is the founder and chairwoman of the Joint Parish Respect Life Committee based in Queens.

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3 thoughts on “The Choice for Life Is Clear

  1. Unfortunately, the upcoming presidential election is not a one-issue voting choice. The unnamed “pro-life” candidate in the above letter has shown himself to be a petty, name-calling bully. Yes, one’s vote can make the difference in the direction of our country and in the direction of global politics. The decision is ours to make.

  2. There is no such thing as a “one-issue” voting choice. Moral truth is a coherent whole. You can not be wrong about abortion and right about anything else.

  3. When men can give birth to babies then they can discuss abortion. Until then, they have no right to discuss this issue.